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                        Sun-Loving Perennial Flower Garden

Now is the time to start thinking about adding some sun-loving perennial flowers to your outdoor living space in Boonsboro MD this year like Lavender which is Bee friendly and attracts butterfly's and is very easy to grow! You will love the wonderful fragrance from the lavender!

Black Eyed Susan are another favorite of the nursery as the Black Eyed Susan is a hardy sun-loving perennial for any landscape here in Clear Spring MD and also attracts hummingbirds, butterfly's and is bee friendly!  

Butterfly Weed is another colorful favorite of ours for a sun-loving perennial garden because the fragrant is wonderful as well it is bee friendly and as the name imply and the butterfly's love this bright orange perennial here in Washington County Maryland.

Irises are another perennial that will add some unique color and style and reblooming bearded irises will give your landscape extended color each summer here in the Smithsburg MD area!

Perennial Sun-Loving Flower Garden YouTube Video Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Design Studios Clear Spring MD 21722 / Tom Grosh Master Landscaper 

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