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As we enjoy the winter season now is the time to consider any changes that you would like to make to your landscape and outdoor living space here in Hagerstown MD as the nursery's will have a great selection of weigela shrubs that will add some dazzling color to your summer landscape!

The selection of weigela shrubs from Proven Winners can add some much needed summer color to most any landscape here in Boonsboro MD and with a garden height of 24-36" why not plant Spilled Wine Weigela with it's deep purple foliage with pink flowers?

Take some time and look over all the wonderful colors and varieties offered to see how they will work in your landscape here in Washington County Maryland!

Here are the weigela varieties that are available from Proven Winners:
Spilled Wine Weigela

Wine & Roses Weigela

Ghost Weigela

Sonic Bloom Pink

Sonic Bloom Pearl

Sonic Bloom Red

My Monet

My Monet Sunset

Czechmark Sunny Side Up

Czechmark Twopink

Czechmark Trilogy

Sonic Bloom Pure Pink

Snippet Dark Pink

Snippet Lime

Midnight Wine 

Landscape Contractor Landscape Design Build Weigela YouTube Video Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Design Studios Clear Spring MD 21722 / Tom Grosh Master Landscaper 
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Tom and the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service love the outdoors and looks forward to working with you & nature to make our planet earth a wonderful place to live and work!

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