Friday, January 20, 2017

You can make a difference in your acts of kindness here in Washington County MD!

We each have a calling in life.

If we listen, God will direct our steps.

He sure did today!

Mr. Grosh thank you so much for sending Mom the popcorn gift. Her start to 2017 (actually it started Christmas Eve) has been a very trying time for her. Josie (her dog) has been ill, she still is not 100% healthy. More than likely, unless God provides a miracle, she will have to make that heartbreaking decision to end her suffering.

Needless to say, she has been quite down and upset. Then furnace issues which caused a leak through the ceiling, I could go on but you get the idea why your gift truly lifted her spirits.

God (and you or through you) seem to know exactly when someone really needs a lift. Mom has always been the giver & caregiver and didn't have much as a child, so to see someone show such care and kindness is heartwarming. You have been so very good to Mom and I so appreciate it. Thank you again for your kindness.

We share this story to show that we each can make a difference in someone's life and that if we just do what we are instructed to do, the rest will just happen as it is suppose to.

Lift someone's spirit up today!

May God Bless You!


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