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Grosh’s Lawn Service 7 Step Lawn Care Program / Health Care For Your Lawn here in Fairplay MD to help your lawn every step of the way all season long.

Be sure to read Grosh’s Lawn Service "Benefits To A Lawn Care Treatment Program" 

  1. EARLY SPRING LAWN APPLICATION will help manage & control Crabgrass and feed the grass the proper nutrients for startup. Crabgrass Control builds a barrier to keep the Crabgrass seed from germinating.
  2. LATE SPRING LAWN APPLICATION. This application of fertilizer will help maintain good lawn color and help promote further increases in lawn density. Weed control will be applied as necessary.
  3. SUMMER LAWN APPLICATION. Even though summer brings dry weather, reduced growth and physical stress to the grass, your lawn remains susceptible to insect damage, which is sometime mistaken for drought. This application will help control various surface feeding, grass damaging insects, but WILL NOT CONTROL GRUBS!
  4. EARLY FALL LAWN APPLICATION of fertilizer & Broadleaf Weed Control Where Needed. This application of control release fertilizer and weed control will help thicken the turf and control weeds
  5. LATE FALL LAWN APPLICATION. Heavy Application of Granular Fertilizer. It will promote vital food-making process to enable the turf to produce a strong root system, store necessary energy for withstanding the stress of winter, and promote an early spring green-up.
  6. GRUB Control PREVENTIVE APPLICATION along with the LATE SPRING (# 2) LAWN APPLICATION will be completed to keep grubs from feeding and damaging your lawn.
  7. Double pass Aeration on your entire lawn in the fall of the year. The lawn will be overseeded with Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed blend
All Lawn Treatments are completed by a Maryland, WV, PA Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator.

*Soil Test- MD Nutrient Management Law Soil Test. Client will be invoiced after soil test results are sent to client.

*Lime Treatment

*Flea & Tick Control

*Aeration & Overseeding

*Grassy Weed Control (Nutsedge Control)

5- Turf Management Program Visits For the Season. Client will be invoiced after each lawn treatment has been completed. All Lawn Service Treatments are completed by a Maryland, WV, PA Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator. Price is per application.

The price quoted is for based on our 5-part program so that your lawn receives the proper care and attention all season long. If the customer does not maintain the lawn in a reasonable manner or as suggested in the instructions which are provided following each application than you should not or expect the quality results we guarantee.

Mulching Hagerstown MD Landscaping Contractor Washington County Maryland

Local Landscaping Contractor Grosh's Lawn Service offers Christmas Mulching here in the Hagerstown MD area.

There still time to have your landscape mulching completed at your home before Christmas but you must contact Tom now so we can schedule your landscape mulching.

You should want your home to look its best for family and friends as you make sure the house inside is clean and ready the outside of your home should be mulched and looking beautiful. Yes it really does matter.

Do the landscape beds need edged before the mulching is completed? We recommend bed edging before mulching as this gives the landscape beds a fresh, clean and crisp edge that helps enhance the landscape beds and which also helps keep the grass from encroaching into the mulch over time. So are you ready to get moving on your landscaping mulching? Contact Tom now at 

Poison Ivy Boonsboro MD Landscaping Contractor Washington County Maryland

Poison Ivy Removal

Local Landscaping Contractor Grosh's Lawn Service Offers Poison Ivy Removal In Boonsboro MD

Why let the poison ivy grow and flourish when Tom and the team at Grosh's Lawn Service can remove the poison ivy for you.

If you are itching to have the poison ivy removed from your home, summer home, office or commercial property the professionals at Grosh's Lawn Service can help!

Why risk the itch when you can have the poison ivy removed by Grosh's Lawn Service here in the Boonsboro MD area and Washington County Maryland.

Contact Tom now at to schedule your poison ivy removal consultation.

Lawn Mowing Service

The Best Lawn Mowing Service in Hagerstown MD, Williamsport MD, Clear Spring MD, Keedysville MD, Sharpsburg MD, Fairplay MD, Funkstown MD, Maugansville MD, Big Pool MD, Westfields, Collegiate Acres, Claggetts Mill and Maugans Meadows.

Do you want to enjoy a smooth, lush lawn and spotless property, without having to spend time toiling to maintain it each week?

Grosh’s Lawn Service will mow your lawn, trim the edges of your lawn, edge all beds, curbs and sidewalks for a smooth, beautiful finish, haul away the clippings, and blow off your sidewalks, driveways, patios/decks and curbs, leaving your property looking well-tended and pristine. Our Lawn Mowing Service starts April 1st, and we will maintain your lawn all season long until November 30, or even longer if you choose!

Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your weekly lawn mowing service for your home, rental property, summer home, office, commercial property, nonprofit and church grounds.

Here are the convenient lawn care packages you can choose from:

Beautiful Lawn

Basic Lawn Mowing Service

In this weekly service, we will...
  • Cut your lawn and bag all clippings
  • String trim for a neat finish
  • Edge all beds, sidewalks and curbs
  • Blow off all sidewalks, driveways, patios/decks and curbs
  • Haul away all grass clippings
Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your basic lawn services for your home, office, commercial property, church grounds and nonprofit.

Premium Lawn & Landscaping Service

This package includes:
  • Everything in our Basic Lawn Mowing package
  • Monthly bed maintenance and removal of weeds
  • Mulching of all beds
  • Trimming of all shrubs, and removal of all seasonal perennials
  • 5 applications of fertilizer and weed control
  • Spring & fall clean up of all leaves and debris
If neither of these packages fit your needs, we will gladly create a custom Premium Lawn & Landscaping Package just for you! Just tell us which of the services below you’re interested in:

We will gladly create your own custom Premium Lawn & Landscaping Service to meet your needs!

Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your premium lawn and landscaping services for your home, office, commercial property, church grounds and nonprofit.

  • Core Aeration / Over Seeding
  • Lawn Repair
  • Flower & Bulb Planting
  • Shrub Treatments
  • Shrub Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree & Stump Removal
  • Tree Treatments
  • Brush Cutting & Brush Hogging
  • Total Vegetation Control

Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Service
Click Here To See Why Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Does Not Work.

Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Service.

How can we help you?

Do you know someone who's sick of mowing their lawn, or who doesn't have the time or energy for it? Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to refer them to Grosh's Lawn Service.


Brush Cutting Hagerstown MD Landscaping Contractor Washington County Maryland

Brush Cutting and Brush Removal Services

Local Landscaping Contractor Grosh's Lawn Service offers Brush Cutting and Brush Removal Services to the Hagerstown MD area for your home, commercial property, office and church grounds.

Why let the wild Ailanthus trees keep growing and dropping more seed pods allowing more Ailanthus trees to germinate? Yes we can stop and kill the Ailanthus trees. Yes we offer Ailanthus Tree Removal services

Is there Poison Ivy growing in your landscape beds and in the wild areas of your property where the brush cutting needs to be completed? Are you itching to get rid of the poison ivy?

Tom and the team at Grosh's Lawn Service can help you as we have been helping clients for 30 years with brush cutting, brush removal, poison ivy and Ailanthus tree removal here in the Hagerstown MD area.

Contact Tom now at to schedule your brush cutting, brush removal, poison ivy and Ailanthus tree removal consultation here in Hagerstown MD.

Lawn Service Clear Spring MD Christmas Making Our Community Better Award

The Grosh's Lawn Service Making Our Community Better Award

This Christmas Season Grosh's Lawn Service will select a winner each week in December of someone who is making a difference in helping spread the Christmas cheer in our community.

We each can make a difference and we are proud of our family, friends and neighbors who are making a difference in our local community!

The first winner of Making Our Community Better Award is Cindy and Doug Moore of Clear Spring MD for their outdoor Christmas display. Cindy and Doug spend countless hours getting everything set up to give all of us some Christmas cheer. Thank you Cindy and Doug for making our community a wonderful place to live!

Cindy and Doug will receive a $50.00 Outback E-Gift card from Grosh's Lawn Service for being selected as this weeks Making Our Community Better!

Check back next week to see who the next winner will be of Making Our Community Better. 

Lawn Mowing Service Hagerstown MD Landscaping Contractor Washington County Maryland

Would You Like A Better Life?

Do you need to slow down…do you need to make some life changes…have some fun…make more time for the family… breathe…relax and leave the lawn mowing and landscape services to Tom and the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service!

Is one of your wishes is that you had a pause button? Are you daydreaming about getting a few minutes to just be with family & friends and relaxing?

Is this the year you simplify your life? Your local lawn mowing service Grosh's Lawn Service has been making life easier for over 30 years for our clients here in the Hagerstown MD area and we would love to help make your life easier and better in 2020! We offer The Best A+ Lawn Mowing Service and Landscaping Services in the Hagerstown MD area and Washington County Maryland.

Grosh’s Lawn Service can help you with your Life Changes Guaranteed!

Contact Tom now at to see how we can help make your life better!

Grosh’s Grass Gazette December 2019 E-Newsletter Lawn Mowing Service Hagerstown MD Landscaping Contractor

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Grosh’s Grass Gazette December 2019 E-Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter provides news and helpful tips for our clients in Washington County, Maryland, and the surrounding area including: Hagerstown, Maryland; Williamsport, Maryland; Clear Spring, Maryland; Greencastle, Pennsylvania; and Falling Waters, West Virginia. Read more for more information on lawn mowing, lawn care treatments, landscaping, shrub trimming, shrub pruning, mulching and numerous other outdoor services.

Meet Tom Grosh, Owner and Founder of Grosh's Lawn Service.

Check out Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week for helpful news, tips, and information to help with the proper care of your lawns, landscaping beds, trees, and shrubs here in the Washington County, Maryland, area. We have been putting this together for years!

Contact Tom today for more information! Learn more and watch the video below.



Just as landscapes require some freshening up in the summer, so do our reviews. If you would like to give a review, please take the time to post your review online, or send directly to Tom. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback!


If you are new to Grosh’s Grass Gazette E-Newsletter, we welcome you! Be sure to drop us an email and tell us what your think! Have a subject you would like Tom to cover? Email Tom now and let him know your suggestions.


We spend a great deal of time working on our monthly e-newsletters to make sure you know when to schedule services for your home, office, or commercial property. As you likely know, timing is the most important element for nearly everything that deals with lawn and landscaping.

Please feel free to share Grosh’s Grass Gazette with your family and friends.

If you missed an issue or issues of Grosh’s Grass Gazette, click here to view Grosh’s Grass Gazette archives.

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  • Lawn Care
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  • Custom Landscape Boulders
For a complete list of services, be sure to check out our blog.


Did you know that Grosh’s Lawn Service has a video library?

Take some time and check out Grosh's Lawn Service Video Library. There is a good chance your landscape project or problem was featured in one or more of our videos.


As 2019 comes to an end, we want to thank you for being our customer and friend.

In 2020, we will be celebrating 30 years of landscaping and lawn service in the Washington County, Maryland, area.

The team at Grosh’s Lawn Service looks forward to another wonderful year and cannot wait to see what God has in store for all of us!


Merry Christmas from all of us here at Grosh’s Lawn Service! What are you dreaming of this Christmas?


In 2020, Grosh’s Lawn Service will be celebrating 30 years of providing lawn mowing services in the Tri-State area. We started humbly, with only a 20-inch Honda walk behind mower; today we have a fleet of zero-turn mowers, and other state-of-the art landscaping equipment.

Make 2020 the year that Grosh’s Lawn Service takes care of all your lawn mowing needs and, as a result, have the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood. Email Tom now and become another highly satisfied customer for the 2020 lawn season.


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift this year? Why not give a lawn care treatment program from Grosh’s Lawn Service? Everybody wants a green, healthy lawn so this is the perfect gift that gives throughout the mowing season.

Contact Tom now to see how easy it is to give a lawn care treatment program this Christmas.

Grosh’s Lawn Service also offers gift cards for all of our services. Be sure you give the best gift ever, a Grosh’s Lawn Service gift card this holiday season!


Now is the time to have Grosh’s Lawn Service ensure your gutters are clean. Clean gutters help avoid clogged downspouts which can result in structural damage to your home.

Now is also the time of year to be mindful of fallen tree limbs that are laying on shrubs. If limbs are left too long on shrubs it will result in a deformed shrub this spring; the limb could even kill the shrub.

Likewise, during the holiday season, be sure to look out for blowing debris and trash. If you see trash in your yard or landscape bed, remove it before it causes any damage. Particularly, Styrofoam packaging peanuts tend to cause the most problems, as these make a terrible mess and are very difficult to cleanup.

We've seen the damage that can occur from Styrofoam. A Grosh's Lawn Service client recently had an entire yard full of peanuts. The client's neighbor left an empty box outside and the wind below the box and the peanuts into the client's yard!

Should this happen to you, or if you are need of yard cleanup this winter, contact Tom to see how the Grosh's Lawn Service team can help you.


Do you have a tree or trees that need some attention? Are there low hanging limbs? Are your trees thin, allowing the wind to blow through them?

Allowing the wind to blow easily though the tree prevents the tree from being damaged (damage includes splintered or broken limbs and having the tree completely uprooted).

Today is the day to email Tom and get your tree trimming and tree thinning scheduled so we can get the work completed before spring arrives.


If you are looking to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, nothing helps as much as storing your outdoor furniture indoors during the winter months. In fact, keeping it protected from the elements for five months is best.

If you have the space, place the furniture indoors to keep the wildlife from chewing on certain pieces of outdoor furniture and figurines. A little work now will save you a lot of time and money in the spring.


The team at Grosh's Lawn Service is already planning for spring 2020. If you are thinking about changing your existing landscape, now is the time to meet with Tom before the spring rush.

Yes, we start as early as possible to make the spring time a little more manageable for our clients as well as for us.

Email Tom and set up an appointment to meet to discuss your needs. We have a few consultation appointments available in December, and some in the new year as well. There's no better time than the present to start talking about your 2020 lawn and landscape improvements.


Are you planning to install a swimming pool in 2020? Have you given any thought to the landscaping and hardscaping around the pool area?

Tom has extensive knowledge about landscaping needs in swimming pool areas and can help you make well informed decisions regarding your new pool.

Please do not wait until the pool is built and filled with water before planning the landscape and/or hardscape surrounding the pool. Once the pool is built and filled, it will be too late.

The first step in making a beautiful pool landscape is to make certain quality topsoil is back filled to grow healthy grass, flowers, and shrubs.

Email Tom to make your investment in your swimming pool a great one.

To see one of Tom’s swimming pool hardscape design builds, check out the video below.


This summer, Melissa Kephart was selected as the winner of Grosh's Lawn Service's Christmas in July prize package. Melissa used this donation to brighten the spirits of nursing home residents in the facility where her father in law resided. Because her father in law was not an extravagant man, he made simple requests and money remained.

Sadly, this gentleman passed away before the remaining money could be spent. The other nursing home residents suggested that the funds be used to provide necessities for a local group home. A photo of the items purchased is below.

Grosh's Lawn Service is proud to support the local community and give back to the area where we live and work.

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