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Grosh's Lawn Service April 2017 E-Newsletter
Landscape Service Tips for Williamsport MD
Lawn Care Treatment Program for Hagerstown MD
Spring Blooming Trees & Shrubs for your home, office and commercial property here in Hagerstown MD

Grosh's Grass Gazette

Spring Blooming Trees and Shrubs Hagerstown MD Williamsport MD Washington County MD


Spring is here and we are loving it! Are you getting outdoors and enjoying the great temperatures and beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs?

Make sure you check out Grosh’s Lawn Service Spring blooming trees video by clicking the video above.


Yes, we love our lawns!

April is the perfect time to show some love to your lawn, and we have a wonderful YouTube Video that showcases our clients' homes and their beautiful lawns and landscape, watch it below.

A beautiful lawn does not happen on its own. Thank you for allowing Grosh’s Lawn Service to care for your lawn.

Love Your Lawn Love Your Landscape Hagerstown MD Williamsport MD Washington County MD


Yes, it is that time to make sure you are on our schedule for a shrub rehab. Tom, and the Grosh's Lawn Service team can help to ensure your shrubs are properly trimmed and shaped. Remember, once the shrubs have finished blooming, that is the time to trim them. Make sure to contact Tom at Tom@GroshsLawnService.com today. Watch the video to learn more.

Shrub Trimming Emerald Green Arborvitae Williamsport MD Washington County MD

Thinking about having Grosh’s Lawn Service plant some annuals to brighten your home or office all summer long? In a few weeks, frost will be a thing of the past. That means now is the time to schedule your annual flower planting with Grosh’s Lawn Service! The nursery tells us they have some awesome colors this year that will please your eyes and your heart. Now is the time to schedule your annual planting to make your lawn sing with joy! See the video below for more details.


Looking to add some style to your landscape? Now is the time to have Grosh’s Lawn Service plant your trees and shrubs as the nursery has a wonderful selection of plants to choose from.

Each day you delay the less selection on the “Must Have Plants of 2017!” 
Landscape Design Project Hagerstown MD Washington County MD


Are you seeing dandelions in your lawn? If so, you may be regretting that you didn't take Tom up on his offer to have Grosh’s Lawn Service enroll you in the lawn care treatment program.

Good news, it's not too late! Email Tom@GroshsLawnService.com today, and you're on your way to a lusher, greener lawn.
Lawn Treatment Care Washington County MD Hagerstown MD

Looking to attract butterflies to your home? Take a few minutes and watch Grosh’s Lawn Service YouTube Video on butterflies in the local Washington County, Maryland region.


Is your lawn protected from grub damage? Don't gamble, instead know with confidence grubs aren't flourishing. Grub treatment begins in May and helps to put an end to grub destruction of grass. That means now is the time to get your lawn protected!

Remember, grubs attract skunks, raccoons, and opossums looking for a quick meal That means they will dig up the lawn to get to the grubs!

Take a few minutes and watch Grosh’s Lawn Service YouTube Video on grubs. 
Grub Control Hagerstown MD Williamsport MD and How Grosh's L

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your home with a fire ring with a sitting area. Soon, you'll be able to look forward to spending time outdoors with family and friends!

Take a few minutes and watch Grosh’s lawn Service YouTube Video to see how we can make your outdoor living space something you'll adore.

Contact Tom today to get started with your lawn & landscape project!!

Tom and the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service love the outdoors and looks forward to working with you & nature to make our planet earth a wonderful place to live and work!
The Grosh’s Lawn Service Guarantee: Grosh's Lawn Service Guarantees all of their work. PERIOD! In the rare event that we screw up, we're going to go above and beyond to make things right. I stake my name Tom Grosh & Grosh's Lawn Service Family on each and every job!

Contact Tom Grosh NOW at our website at GroshsLawnService.com ,  
 GroshsLawnService.com/web-request.php, or e-mail Tom@GroshsLawnService.com

Be sure to visit our photo gallery on our web site to view photos of Grosh’s Lawn Service work on different projects that we have completed here in Washington County MD GroshsLawnService.com/gallery.php

Visit our Grosh’s Lawn Service Tip of the Week web page at groshslawnservice.com/tips.php

SERVICES OFFERED by Grosh’s Lawn service
*Spring and Fall Clean Up
*Landscape Artisan
*New Landscape Design and Installation
*Climate Zone Landscaping
*Hardscape Custom Design and Install
*Tree Planting
*Custom Rock and Boulder Design
*Patios And walkways
*Outdoor living spaces and designs
*Landscape Renovations
*Lawn Maintenance
*Tree Limb Elevation
*Tree Removal
*Winter And Holiday Clean Ups
*Lawn Leveling and Excavating
*Dogscaping Landscape Design and Install
*Petscaping Design and Install
*Turf Management Program (TMP)
*Custom Landscape Design
*Lawn Mowing
*New Lawns Installed
*Lawn Aeration and Over Seeding
*Custom Rock Gardens
*Butterfly Gardens
*Children’s Garden
*Memorial  Gardens
*Healing Gardens
*Rain Gardens
*Power Washing
*Flowers, Trees, Shrubs & Plant Install
*Gutter Cleaning Spring and Fall
*Paver Patios
*Fire Ring and Sitting Area
*Concrete Sidewalks
*Paver Sidewalks
*Pool Patios
*Tree Trimming
*Tree Thinning
*Shrub Trimming
*Shrub Pruning
*Lawn Care
*Sidewalk Cleaning
*Patio Cleaning
*Lawn Topdress
*Pelletized Compost
*Custom Landscape Boulders

Grosh’s Lawn Service Service Area:
WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD 2010 ZIP CODE AREAS 21711 Big Pool MD 21713 Boonsboro MD 21722 Clear Spring MD 21733 Fairplay MD 21740 Hagerstown MD 21742 Hagerstown MD 21750 Hancock MD 21756 Keedysville MD 21758 Knoxville MD 21767 Maugansville MD 21779 Rohrersville MD 21782 Sharpsburg MD 21783 Smithsburg MD 21795 Williamsport MD 21715 Brownsville MD 21720 Cavetown MD 21721 Chewsville MD 21734 Funkstown MD 21746 Hagerstown MD 21741 Hagerstown MD 21747 Hagerstown MD 21748 Hagerstown MD 21749 Hagerstown MD 21781 Saint James MD, 21740 Westfields, 21740 Claggett’s Mill, 21740 Collegiate Acres  17225 Greencastle PA 25419 Falling Waters WV Fulton County PA, Franklin County PA

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