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Grosh’s Grass Gazette E-Newsletter. News and helpful tips for our clients in: Washington County, Maryland, and the surrounding area including: Hagerstown, Maryland; Williamsport, Maryland; Clear Spring, Maryland; Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and Falling Waters, West Virginia. Read more for more information on lawn mowing, lawn care treatments, landscaping, shrub trimming, shrub pruning, mulching and numerous other outdoor services.


Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14 and the folks at Grosh's Lawn Service take time to remember our mothers and the positive impact they have made on our lives!

Did you know the White Carnation is the official flower of Mother’s Day?  According to TheFlowerExpert.com, “The white carnation is preferred because it may be thought to typify some of the virtues of motherhood; ... whiteness stands for purity; its lasting qualities, faithfulness; its fragrance, love; its wide field of growth, charity; its form, beauty..."

Why not surprise your mom with more than just flowers on Mother's Day, give her flowers all summer long. Consider having Grosh’s Lawn Service take care of her lawn and landscape to bring her happiness throughout the season.

Click here, or on the image above, to order your gift card today!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers reading our newsletter today.


With the rain, and upcoming warm May temperatures, the grass is really growing and lawns are beautiful, healthy and of course... in need of mowing.

With Spring-like weather (rain and warm temperatures), grass will be extra tall, and require mowing every seven days. This grass growth typically lasts about four to five weeks so bear with us. Once we've moved onto the summer heat of June and July, the grass growth will slow a little bit and allow for managed growth.

Did you know that Grosh’s Lawn Service installs freshly sharpened blades on the mowers each day after we finish for the next day mowing? Check out the YouTube video below to learn more!

It’s not too late for Grosh’s Lawn Service to take on the weekly lawn mowing. Email Tom today at Tom@GroshsLawnService.com.

Lawn Mowing Service Hagerstown MD Williamsport MD Washington


Looking to have your hardscape patio and retaining walls cleaned this year? Now is the time to schedule as we are looking at least four to five weeks out if you want your job completed before July 4th!
Mulch Landscape Renovation Hagerstown MD Boonsboro MD Washington County MD


Are you enjoying the beautiful spring colors of the flowers and trees? What is not to love about spring!

In fact, during this time of year there are new arrivals daily at the nursery. Be sure to check with Tom to see what varieties of plants will help accent your home and commercial property.

Looking for that special spring blooming tree? How about a fantastic tree that offers stunning fall color? If you want it Grosh’s Lawn Service will find it! Remember, check to make sure the tree can handle zone 6 weather!

As you're thinking about spring and summer flowers, remember that azaleas and forsythia will soon be losing their blossoms. That means now is the time to schedule trimming and pruning as we do not want to cut off next year’s blossoms. Check out the video below for more details.

Just a friendly reminder that if you would like a service, do not delay in contacting Tom as our schedule is booked for the next five weeks. As you can imagine, it's SPRING FEVER in the Washington County, area.
Spring Blooming Forsythia Landscape Design Hagerstown MD Boonsboro MD Washington County MD


Looking to add some dazzling summer color to your home and landscape beds and containers? How about annuals and the wonderful colors that will brighten your home until the first frost!

Contact Tom and see what the nursery has ready to plant now that the colder weather is behind us.
Flowers Shrubs Garden Hagerstown MD Washington County MD


Our second turf management treatment round has started. We are giving lawns slow release nutrients to help stop those pesky broadleaf weeds along with the dandelions.

Forget to sign your lawn up for our turf management program, or new to Grosh’s Lawn Service? Have no fear, there is still time to get your lawn in top shape! Email Tom now at Tom@GroshsLawnService.com


Did you gamble and not prepare for a grub infestation?

It's not too late to STOP THE GRUBS! Email Tom and tell him you want to “Stop The Grub!” with grub prevention this season. Why risk the chance when the best option is the not allow the damage to occur?

Take a few minutes and watch Grosh’s Lawn Service YouTube Video on grubs. 
Grub Control Hagerstown MD Smithsburg MD Williamsport MD Cle

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 29. We at Grosh's Lawn Service take time to remember all our service men and women who gave the ultimate gift for our freedom. No words can express our gratitude!

Video Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Studios in Clear Spring MD / Tom Grosh

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