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Grosh's Lawn Service Top of the Week March 17, 2019

We are at the Flower and Garden show this weekend at HCC ARCC and one of the most asked questions is what to do about the moles. The first question we ask is do you have a lawn care treatment program for your lawn and the answer is always one hundred percent, No. Moles and voles are most often attracted to grubs in the lawn along with skunks, racoons, opossum and birds. Some of these animals are also attracted to earthworms in the lawn so check to make sure you have grubs. Contact Tom today at to see how we can help your lawn and get rid of the grubs from your lawn at your home, office, commercial property, church grounds and nonprofit here in Hagerstown MD and Washington County Maryland. "You get out of your lawn what you invest in it". Tom Grosh March 17, 2019

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