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                                   Lawn Care Treatment Program

Grosh’s Lawn Service 7 step Lawn Care Program to help your lawn every step of the way all season long here in Washington County MD!

  1. EARLY SPRING LAWN APPLICATION will help manage & control Crabgrass and feed the grass the proper nutrients for startup. Crabgrass Control builds a barrier to keep the Crabgrass seed from germinating.
  2. LATE SPRING LAWN APPLICATION. This application of fertilizer will help maintain good lawn color and help promote further increases in lawn density. Weed control will be applied as necessary.
  3. SUMMER LAWN APPLICATION. Even though summer brings dry weather, reduced growth and physical stress to the grass, your lawn remains susceptible to insect damage, which is sometime mistaken for drought. This application will help control various surface feeding, grass damaging insects, but WILL NOT CONTROL GRUBS!
  4. EARLY FALL LAWN APPLICATION of fertilizer & Broadleaf Weed Control Where Needed. This application of control release fertilizer and weed control will help thicken the turf and control weeds
  5. LATE FALL LAWN APPLICATION. Heavy Application of Granular Fertilizer. It will promote vital food-making process to enable the turf to produce a strong root system, store necessary energy for withstanding the stress of winter, and promote an early spring green-up.
  6. GRUB Control PREVENTIVE APPLICATION along with the LATE SPRING (# 2) LAWN APPLICATION will be completed to keep grubs from feeding and damaging your lawn.
  7. Double pass Aeration on your entire lawn in the fall of the year. The lawn will be over seeded with Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed blend
All Lawn Care Treatments are completed by a Maryland, WV, PA Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator in Hagerstown MD and Williamsport MD.

Lawn Care Treatment Photo Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Studios Clear Spring MD / Tom Grosh

*Soil Test- MD Nutrient Management Soil Test For 2017. This is highly recommended by the State of Maryland, University of MD EDU. and The National Association of Landscape Professionals . Soil Test Results for 2017. Client will be invoiced after soil test results are sent to client.

*Lime Treatment

*Flea & Tick Control

*Aeration & Over Seeding

*Grassy Weed Control (Nutsedge Control)

5- Turf Management Program Visits For the Season. Client will be invoiced after each lawn treatment has been completed. All Lawn Service Treatments are completed by a Maryland, WV, PA Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator. Price is per application. Now is the time to schedule your lawn in Clear Spring MD!

The price quoted is for based on our 5-part program so that your lawn receives the proper care and attention all season long. If the customer does not maintain the lawn in a reasonable manner or as suggested in the instructions which are provided following each application than you should not or expect the quality results we guarantee.
Grub Lawn Care Video Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Studios Clear Spring MD / Tom Grosh
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The Grosh’s Lawn Service Guarantee: Grosh's Lawn Service Guarantees all of their work. PERIOD! In the rare event that we screw up, we're going to go above and beyond to make things right. I stake my name Tom Grosh & Grosh's Lawn Service Family on each and every job!

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*New Landscape Design and Installation
*Climate Zone Landscaping
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*Tree Planting
*Custom Rock and Boulder Design
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*Outdoor living spaces and designs
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*Turf Management Program (TMP)
*Custom Landscape Design
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*Custom Rock Gardens
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*Children’s Garden
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*Healing Gardens
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*Power Washing
*Flowers, Trees, Shrubs & Plant Install
*Gutter Cleaning Spring and Fall
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*Fire Ring and Sitting Area
*Concrete Sidewalks
*Paver Sidewalks
*Pool Patios
*Tree Trimming
*Tree Thinning
*Shrub Trimming
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*Lawn Care
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*Lawn Topdress
*Pelletized Compost
*Custom Landscape Boulders

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