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Grosh’s Grass Gazette E-Newsletter. News and helpful tips for our clients in: Washington County, Maryland, and the surrounding area including: Hagerstown, Maryland; Williamsport, Maryland; Clear Spring, Maryland; Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and Falling Waters, West Virginia. Read more for more information on lawn mowing, lawn care treatments, landscaping, shrub trimming, shrub pruning, mulching and numerous other outdoor services.


Have these past few weeks been hot enough for you? The dog days of summer have arrived. Take our quick poll below to tell us how you like to spend your summer days. Click on the response that best suits you below.
How do you like to spend the dog days of summer?
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Now is the time to be on the lookout for tent caterpillars in your trees. Right now, female tent caterpillars are laying their eggs (about 200-300 over the course of the summer months).

If they are not removed, tent caterpillars will defoliate ornamental trees. Not only can they cause damage to trees, but they are toxic to horses, as well. Therefore, the team at Grosh's Lawn Service recommends removing all tent caterpillars whenever possible.

If you are able to safely reach the communal nest, they can be removed by hand. However, if the nest is perched too high, or if tent caterpillar removal is not your cup of tea, contact Tom and the team from Grosh’s Lawn Service will remove the nest for you, through hand removal or insecticide.

Watch the YouTube Video below, a live recording of tent caterpillar removal in Washington County, Maryland.
Tent Caterpillars Hagerstown MD Williamsport MD


The Grosh's Lawn Service team is seeing sawflies cause severe damage to many of our clients' trees in the Washington County, Maryland, area.

In fact, in just three short days, one of our clients had sawflies seriously devastate pine trees. Thousands of sawflies had eaten the tree to near death.

With a little luck the trees may be able recover. However, that is entirely dependent on winter weather. If we have a long, cold winter, the trees may not make it.

Here, the sawfly has an average of lifespan of 7-9 days. But, the larval stage can last anywhere from months to years, depending on the species.

Take a few minutes and educate yourself on sawflies, by watching the video below.

Tree & Shrub Care Hagerstown MD Washington County MD with Gr


Are you having an issue with your underground drain pipe leaking and need a repair to correct the problem? It would be great if there were a drain pipe repair fairy. But unfortunately, that doesn't exist.

We've seen instances where pipe repair has been put off and the damage keeps increasing, because the pipe won't magically repair itself.

Tom and the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service can help fix the problem and get the drain pipe back in working order!

Take a few minutes and watch a YouTube Video of the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service repairing a broken drain pipe.
Landscaping Service Repair Hagerstown MD Washington County MD


Now is the perfect time to have the dirty old junk tree removed from your lawn and landscape.

Take a look out your window, do you have a dead or dying tree that needs removed? Was a tree planted too close to your home, office, or commercial building? Contact Tom at GroshsLawnService.com to set up an appointment for an evaluation of your tree or trees.

Take a few minutes and watch the tree removal video below to learn more.


Are your landscaping beds looking thin and full of weeds? Have you put off adding mulch to them?

Mulching with natural organic mulch isn't just an aesthetic pleasure, it provides real benefits to trees, shrubs, flowers, and landscape beds. Do you know all the benefits of mulch to your trees, shrubs, flowers and the landscape beds here in Washington County, Maryland?

Take a few minutes and watch Grosh’s Lawn Service YouTube video on mulching and see how much mulch can help the plants and the appearance of your home, office, or commercial property.
Landscape Mulch, Bed Edging, Shrub Trimming Spring Cleanup Williamsport MD Washington County MD


Are you thinking of adding a butterfly garden to you your outdoor living space? There are many different varieties of butterfly loving plants available and now is the time to have Grosh’s Lawn Service design your personalized garden.

Contact Tom at Grosh's Lawn Service to find out how the team can build you a butterfly garden for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy all summer long!

GroshsLawnService.com is the best way to get started! Learn more by watching the video.
Butterfly Garden Williamsport MD Hagerstown MD

Flower Landscape Garden Hagerstown MD Williamsport MD

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