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One of the wonderful colors of spring here in Hagerstown MD is the Pink Flowering Dogwood tree.
What a wonderful tree to have in your landscape to enjoy as we enjoy the warming days of spring!

The Pink Flowering Dogwood tree also gives the landscape some deep green color from the leaves all summer long but the show is in the spring with the head turning pink blossoms. This dogwood tree needs a little room to grow with a 15-25' mature height and has a medium growth rate here in Washington County Maryland.

The nursery has a great selection in the spring but the Pink Flowering Dogwood tree does not last long after they arrive at the nursery.

Another local favorite is the Red Flowering Dogwood tree that will make you smile when you see the ruby-red blossoms as this is a sure sign spring is under way here in Boonsboro MD! The added bonus is the ruby-red fruit the tree will provide to the song birds in our local area over the fall and into winter!

Out in front of your home in Clear Spring MD the Red Flowering Dogwood tree will enhance the curb appeal of your home!

Kousa Dogwood Tree is another dogwood tree that offers stunning color and this time it is in white which will add some charm if you have some evergreens close to bounce the white splash of color of the Kousa Dogwood.

Cherokee Chief Dogwood tree is one of Tom's favorite trees to plant because of the wonderful richly colored rose-red blossoms in the spring. The added bonus is the fruit for the song birds to enjoy here in Washington County Maryland into fall and early winter. Make sure you leave a little room for great growth as the Cherokee Chief Dogwood tree can reach a mature height of 15-30'

                             For all your Tree Planting needs contact Tom the Landscaper to make sure you select the "Right Place for the Right Plant"! 

Why not plant a tree or two this year in Washington County MD?      

Cherokee Chief Dogwood Tree Photo Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Design Studios Clear Spring MD 21722 / Tom Grosh Master Landscaper
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