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                        Winter Tree Care Tree Pruning 

February is a perfect time to start Winter Tree Pruning on your trees here in Hagerstown MD. The sap has not started to move in the maples trees and birch trees and you wont' end up a "sappy" mess!

Leafless trees here in the Williamsport MD that are properly trimmed and thinned will have the wounds heal fast and no need to worry about pest bugs at this time of year here in Washington County Maryland.

One of the first thing we look for on every tree no matter the size or shape is dead wood or damaged wood and that will be the first thing we do when we care for your trees here in Clear Spring MD!

We only have a few work days available here in February so today is the day to schedule your winter tree pruning and tree trimming here in Big Pool MD.

We look for any limbs that are low hanging and cause serious injury when lawn mowing and we will also look for any crossed branches.

All tree work completed by State of Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, to Industry Standards  and in a professional safe manner!

Winter Tree Pruning Tree Trimming Photo Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Design Studios Clear Spring MD 21722 / Tom Grosh Master Landscaper
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