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Think Before You Plant!

When selecting any tree(s) for your home, office or commercial property remember "Right Plant Right Place" so that you do not in Hagerstown MD end up with this problem pictured below.

When the pine trees were purchased from the nursery years ago the mature size of the pine trees were never considered when the trees were planted along the fence!

The pine tree branches have grown over the fence onto the neighbors property and killed 6' of the neighbors lawn.

If the neighbor decided to cut the limbs back off there property, that side of the trees would look horrendous and not make the tree ascetically pleasing to the eye.

The limbs of the pine trees also droop down making it very difficult to cleanup all the debris from the winter out of the area.

Before you purchase a tree from the garden center or nursery make sure you consider the mature size of the tree and you can have many wonderful years of enjoyment from your trees here in Washington County Maryland.

Yes even commercial properties can plant the trees to close to the curb and sidewalks and as the tree matures the roots can buckle the sidewalk or push the curb out, up of crack the curb requiring repair to comply with the City of Hagerstown MD codes and regulations.

It is best to hire a professional to take care of your tree planting here in Washington County MD and avoid all the problems!

Terrible Tree Planting Location Photo Property of Grosh's Lawn Service Design Studios Clear Spring MD 21722 / Tom Grosh Master Landscaper

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