Lawn Service Williamsport, MD with Grosh's Lawn Service

Are you in need of Lawn Services in Williamsport MD?

If you want to enjoy...
  • A lush, luxurious, perfectly-mowed lawn in Williamsport MD
  • A beautiful landscape that accents your home, raises your property value, and impresses your neighbors in Hagerstown MD
  • A lovely garden that enchants your senses and soothes your soul in Washington County MD
  • Immediate, expert cleanup and care in case of a storm or other crisis in the Tri-State area
  • Or all of the above, with no time and effort on your part’re in the right place!

Grosh’s Lawn Service is a Total Care Lawn Mowing Service & Landscaping Company, and we can help you with ALL of your yard care needs.

What makes our service different from hiring the neighbor’s kid?

Grosh’s Lawn Service doesn’t simply mow the grass and pull weeds as a side hobby. We’re experts who are passionate about total care lawn service, including everything from lawn mowing to advanced landscaping.

This means when we take care of your yard, there will be no grass clippings sticking to your feet, no unsightly untrimmed patches around your home or trees, no poorly-managed plants that choke each other out or die prematurely, and no trees growing into your house or power lines.

We don’t just maintain your yard – we improve it. We make it healthier and more attractive, which beautifies your home and raises your property value.

Photo Credit / Tom Grosh

The beautiful lawn pictured above that Grosh's Lawn Service maintains with weekly mowing, our Turf Management Program and Landscaping Services.

Now is the time to get started and not wait until the spring rush.

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Grosh's Lawn Service offers Lawn Mowing, Lawn Treatments, Shrub Trimming, Tree Trimming and Thinning, Tree Removal, Landscaping Services in Greencastle, PA and a whole lot more than just what the kid down the block does for movie money.

Contact Tom TODAY to get started!

TOM LOVES the OUTDOORS and looks forward to working with YOU & NATURE to make our PLANET EARTH a WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE!
The Grosh’s Lawn Service Guarantee: Grosh's Lawn Service Guarantees all of their work. PERIOD! In the rare event that we screw up, we're going to go above and beyond to make things right. I stake my name Tom Grosh & Grosh's Lawn Service Family on each and every job!

Give Tom Grosh a call NOW at 301.842.0062 or, visit our website at or email


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