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Time to Talk Turkey

Meet Tom Grosh, Owner and Founder of Grosh's Lawn Service.


Grosh's Lawn Service Premium Lawn & Landscaping Service is the industry's best value in Clear Spring, Hagerstown, and Williamsport, Maryland.

Let Tom and the team take care of your lawn and landscape needs so you can enjoy time with your friends and family!

Read about our many services on ou



You may ask, “Why does Tom cover so many topics each month in the Grosh’s Grass Gazette?”  Well, you would be surprised at how many people say, “We did not know that you offered that service!”

We also like to keep our clients well informed on what to be on the lookout for, and what should be done at certain times of the year to be scheduled for the proper services.

Please feel free to share/forward Grosh’s Grass Gazette with your family, co-workers, on social media and with your friends and neighbors.

  • Spring and Fall Clean Up
  • New Landscape Design and Installation
  • Climate Zone Landscaping
  • Hardscape Design and Install
  • Lawn Health Care
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Lawn Treatment Program (LTP)
  • Tree Planting
  • Custom Rock and Boulder Design
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Outdoor living spaces and designs
  • Landscape Renovations
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Tree Trimming and Thinning
  • Tree Removal
  • Winter And Holiday Clean Ups
  • Lawn Leveling and Excavating
  • Dogscaping Landscape Design and Install
  • Turf Management Program (TMP)
  • Custom Landscape Design
  • Lawn Mowing
  • New Lawns Installed
  • Lawn Aeration and Over Seeding
  • Custom Rock Gardens
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Children’s Garden
  • Memorial  Gardens
  • Healing Gardens
  • Power Washing
  • Flowers, Trees, Shrubs & Plant Install
  • Gutter Cleaning Spring and Fall
  • Paver Patios
  • Fire Ring and Sitting Area
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Paver Sidewalks
  • Pool Patios
  • Hardscape Retaining Walls


Have you given any thought to having a new Grosh’s Lawn Service sign in your lawn or landscape bed at your home, office, or commercial property?

Help us get the word out! Remember if you refer a friend, family member, employer, co-worker, or Facebook friend to
Grosh’s Lawn Service, you will receive a $25.00 gift card to Amazon or your favorite restaurant. 

It is that easy to help us GROW what we LOVE to MOW!


Summer is now in the past and we keep moving forward. Forward thinking to spring, now is the perfect time to start working on your landscape ideas and outdoor living space. There is no time like the present. Send Tom an email and schedule a time that will work for you to share your thoughts and ideas.


If you have concrete walls, brick, or mortar that is missing, now is the time to get those repairs made before winter weather arrives and the rain soaks down into the cracks. If the rain gets into the cracks and freezes, it could expand and push the mortar out of the joints. Send Tom an email if you would like to have the Grosh's Lawn Service team repair cracks and gaps on your house or walkways.    

The Grosh's Lawn Service family wishes you a very blessed day with your family and friends this Thanksgiving!

We are thankful that you trust us, at Grosh’s Lawn Service, to care for your lawn and landscaping needs.

What are you thankful for?


Is your landscape ready for family and friends this Thanksgiving? Is mulch needed in the landscape beds? Have your perennials died off, and need cut back? Do you have shrubs that require trimming?

Contact Tom today to get on the schedule. We are filling up quickly and only have a few open days before the holiday season.


Just as the landscape needs freshened up, so do our reviews.  If you would like to give a review, please take the time to post your review online, or send directly to Tom


Would you like for Tom to stop by your home and shoot a video review? Check out one of Tom’s YouTube video reviews, Thank you Linda Turner for the video review.


Fall services are under way and the leaves are keeping us very busy in Hagerstown, Maryland.

If you are not able to keep up with your leaves, we are here to help. The grass needs sunlight and oxygen to thrive and survive! Our team has more than 100 years of combined leaf removal experience, and recognizes that it is more cost effective to remove the leaves weekly from the lawn and landscape beds.

It is more difficult and time consuming to get the leaves picked up and through the mower once the leaves lay, get wet, and compacted.

Contact Tom today to get on the schedule!

Watch as Tom and the team get the leaves cleaned up at our client’s home in Hagerstown, Maryland.


It is that time of year to trim back the ornamental grasses for our clients who do not like the untidiness. The winter winds will start to break and blow the grasses into all the other shrubs and fencing areas making it difficult to clean up the grass foliage.

Caution and heavy gloves have to be used when handling the ornamental grasses, as they are as sharp as a knife. Tom can tell you first hand (no pun intended) how deep the grasses can cut into your fingers, sometimes resulting in the need for sutures. Of course, if you know Tom, he wrapped a cloth around the cut and finished the project before going to get his fingers stitched.

Take a few minutes and watch Tom talk with you about ornamental grasses and removal safety.


It is not too late to have core aeration completed, if you kept putting it off! However, we cannot over-seed as the window has closed for good seed germination.

Aeration will help your lawn soak in the rain and allow your soil to bank moisture even in late fall and winter when the ground has not yet frozen.

So why not have core aeration this November? Send Tom an email today.

Want to see the benefits of core lawn aeration? Watch Grosh’s Lawn Service YouTube video below.


Have a difficult area that keeps washing out when the heavy rains wash down the street or road and bring debris into your lawn?

Tom and the team at Grosh’s Lawn Service took on our client’s water issue with this great landscape design build project.

Watch Grosh’s Lawn Service YouTube video to see how we found a solution to our client’s problem.

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