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Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing and Why It Does Not Work

Why Grosh's Lawn Service does not offer bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

First off let us say the Grosh’s Lawn Service discourages bi-weekly lawn mowing services. We truly believe it leads to more problems and causes more issue than weekly lawn mowing clients and leads to a disadvantage to you our client, and to Grosh’s Lawn Service because of the growing conditions we face here in the Hagerstown MD area.

Note: For normal lawns in the Hagerstown MD area.

Negative: It requires more time to cut a lawn every two weeks.

Negative: It requires more string trimming time and string to cut two weeks worth of growth.

Negative: It requires more time to edge the sidewalks, curbs, landscape beds, blacktop, etc.

Negative: With rain outs weekly lawn mowing clients come first.

Negative: When mowing every two weeks we end up with a terrible looking lawn because the mower can not bag all the grass so we blow all the grass out and you have clumps of grass laying everywhere. This reflects a negative image on Grosh’s Lawn Service and prospective clients think this is how all of our lawns look and that we do not take pride in our work.

Negative: A bi-weekly mowing schedule may result in uneven cut.

Negative: We have to have an eight hour work day and then when you have bi-weekly mowing this adds to the day and then requires overtime which is not considered in the lawn mowing pricing.

Negative: Bi-weekly lawn mowing clients always want their lawn mowed before a holiday requiring a schedule readjustment.

Negative: The property owner always wants the grass cut shorter to try and manage the seconds weeks growth and so that lawn does not look bad the second week.

Negative: Cutting the grass short or scalping a lawn does the grass no good (stresses the grass) and allows weed seeds to easily germinate.

Negative: Two weeks of grass growth allows the grass to get tuff and not cutting clean and requiring a second cut and more time.

Negative: Bi-weekly lawn mowing super heats the lawn mower deck belt and spindles that turn the mower blades and the slower mowing speed then requires more time to mow the lawn.

Negative: When bagging bi-weekly lawns you end up with twice as many grass clippings verses a normal weekly lawn mowing so the truck only holds half as many lawns grass clippings.

Negative: To be upfront with you. There is no profit in bi-weekly lawn mowing.

Negative: You will have a terrible looking lawn and the loss of curb appeal with bi-weekly lawn mowing.

Negative: Bi-weekly lawn mowing costs more.

Negative: The amount of stress that bi-weekly lawn mowing causes to the health and well being of our lawn mowing staff.

Negative: There are a tremendous amount of phone calls and emails from clients who are not happy with the way there lawn looks after it was cut with two weeks of growth. 

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