Grosh's Grass Gazette April 2021 Video E Newsletter Hagerstown MD

GROSH'S GRASS GAZETTE E-NEWSLETTER VIDEO APRIL 2021 April showers bring May flowers! Hi there! We hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! At this time of year, we reflect on the greatest gift to mankind, and we encourage you to take a moment each day to enjoy what our Creator has blessed us with by appreciating the wonderful outdoors! And speaking of the outdoors, we look forward to helping you make your outdoor space a wonderful green gathering oasis for you and your loved ones — send us an email and we’ll get the ball rolling, then you can sit back and imagine all the wonderful memories you’ll make in your yard this year. Need help? Contact us today! Lawncare Corner Time to kick off the season with a focus on lawncare — April is National Lawn Care Month, and lucky for you, it’s what we do best. There are lots of things that make lawns look a little rough around the edges, and we know just what to do about them. From weeds to bare spots and all those pesky things in between, we’ll make sure your lawn is in great shape for the warm months ahead. If any of these are ringing a bell, it’s time to give us a call: Crabgrass & Pesky Weeds? Don’t let weeds make you crabby! We can get rid of them for you, but it’s important to tackle this one before those weeds get out of control and take over your lawn. Don’t let your crabgrass go to seed and spread from your lawn to your landscape beds and the flowers beds. Especially when you have Grosh’s Lawn Service here to help. Less than Lush Lawn? Not on our watch! If your lawn needs some filling in, get on our schedule ASAP — grass seeding and successful germination is all about timing, and right now, we’re scheduling out these types of lawn repairs for mid-May. We can get your lawn in touch-football shape before you know it. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

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