Lawn Aeration Funkstown MD Lawn Care Service Washington County Maryland

Local Lawn Mowing Service and Landscaping Contractor Grosh’s Lawn Service offers Lawn Aeration to the Funkstown MD area. Grosh’s Lawn Service has been proudly serving the Funkstown MD community since 1990 with The Best A+ Lawn Care Services.

Lawn Aeration should be done each fall, so that your lawn will receive the maximum benefits from your investment. When we aerate your lawn, we will remove plugs of soil that will remain on the turf. This allows the soil to soak up rainfall and allows the roots of the grass to use the moisture to grow and flourish. Aeration also allows the soil to bank moisture for later use during dry spells and drought.

Contact Tom today at to schedule your lawn aeration here in the Funkstown MD area and Washington County Maryland.

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