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Welcome to March
March 2020
Grosh’s Grass Gazette March E-Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter provides news and helpful tips for our clients in Washington County, Maryland, and the surrounding area including: Hagerstown, Maryland; Williamsport, Maryland; Clear Spring, Maryland; Greencastle, Pennsylvania; and Falling Waters, West Virginia. Read more for more information on lawn mowing, lawn care treatments, landscaping, shrub trimming, shrub pruning, mulching and numerous other outdoor services.
Meet Tom Grosh, Owner and Founder of Grosh's Lawn Service.
Daylight savings time begins Sunday, March 8th

The first day of spring is Thursday, March 19th

The days will be having more sunshine, and getting warmer, so make sure you get outdoors and enjoy the wonderful spring weather.

We are so excited for spring!
Check out Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week for helpful news, tips, and information to help with the proper care of your lawns, landscaping beds, trees, and shrubs here in the Washington County, Maryland, area. We have been putting this together for years!

Contact Tom today for more information! Learn more and watch the video below.
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  • Lawn Mowing Service
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Bed Edging
  • Lawn Care Treatments - Turf Management Program (TMP)
  • Grub Control
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Fall Clean Up
  • Brush Cutting / Brush Removal
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance
  • Landscape Artisan
  • New Landscape Design, Build and Installation
  • Climate Zone Landscaping
  • Hardscape Custom Design and Install
  • Tree Planting
  • Custom Rock and Boulder Design
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Outdoor Living Spaces and Designs
  • Landscape Renovations
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Tree Limb Elevation
  • Tree Removal
  • Winter And Holiday Cleanups
  • Lawn Leveling and Excavating
  • Dogscaping Landscape Design and Install
  • Petscaping Design and Install
  • Privacyscaping
  • Custom Landscape Design
  • New Lawns Installed
  • Lawn Aeration and Overseeding
  • Custom Rock Gardens
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Children’s Garden
  • Memorial  Gardens
  • Healing Gardens
  • Rain Gardens
  • Power Washing
  • Soft Washing
  • Flowers, Trees, Shrubs & Plant Install
  • Gutter Cleaning Spring and Fall
  • Paver Patios
  • Fire Ring and Sitting Area
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Paver Sidewalks
  • Pool Patios
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Thinning
  • Lawn Care
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Lawn Top-Dress
  • Pelletized Compost
  • Custom Landscape Boulders
For a complete list of services, be sure to check out our blog.

Last call to schedule your spring cleanup as our clients are emailing us daily. Now is the time to get in touch with Tom if you want a guaranteed spot on our schedule.

We receive compliments every day on our spring cleanups because of our attention to detail. It matters to you and it matters to all of us, here at Grosh’s Lawn Service!

To see a sample spring cleanup check out this video
Grosh’s Lawn Service offers several different gardens to meet your needs. Here is the main link to our Gardens webpage or use one of the specific links below for the type of garden you are looking for.

We offer:

Get in touch with Tom now to schedule your garden consultation. You will look forward to going outside and viewing your garden every day since you had Grosh’s Lawn Service complete this specialty project.
Have you scheduled your landscape bed maintenance for this year?

Do you know all the benefits of landscape bed maintenance?

Click here for more landscape bed maintenance information.

Contact Tom now to schedule your monthly landscape bed maintenance for your home, office or commercial property in the Hagerstown, Maryland area.

Be sure to watch our Landscape Bed Maintenance video on YouTube.
Email Tom today if you would like to discuss a landscape renovation at your home, office and/or commercial property in the Hagerstown, Maryland area.

All trees and shrubs have a life cycle; sometimes the trees and shrubs need to be replaced. We will work with you to select the right plant for the right place so your investment in your new landscape adds value and beautification to your property.

Be sure to check out our webpage to get more information:

Also, watch the below video, of a landscape design build in Williamsport, Maryland.
Are you building a new home or commercial building this year in Washington County, Maryland?

Now is the time to make sure that you are working with a forward thinking landscape contractor to make sure that the finish grading work does not harm your investment in your landscaping.

Contact Tom to find out why you want to hire Grosh’s Lawn Service from the start to finish on your new build project so the finished results allow for a successful landscape project.

Have you considered the sidewalks? Most building contractors place the new sidewalk close to the build project and do not allow for a nice grass area along the new home or commercial building. Tom has some great ideas on sidewalks so it really makes more sense to have him design the new sidewalks.

Check out Grosh's Lawn Service commercial landscape design build project.
Notify Tom now to schedule your spring shrub trimming and pruning of shrubs like azaleas, forsythias, and rhododendrons so that the shrubs are trimmed and/or pruned at the proper time. Timing is everything with spring blooming shrubs so do not delay in reserving your spot on our schedule.

Be sure to visit our webpage: to learn more.

Then, take a minute to watch this video to see how we properly trim our clients’ shrubs.
Now is the time to email Tom to schedule your landscape mulching. This way we can ensure that your mulching project for your home, commercial property, church grounds or office is on our schedule.

Be sure to check our Grosh’s Lawn Service webpage “The Benefits of Mulching” and you will know why it is beneficial and wise to have your landscape beds mulched by Grosh’s Lawn Service.
Grosh's Lawn Service, is NOW offering tick pesticide treatments. The tick pesticide treatments help in stopping the spread of Lyme disease caused by the blacklegged tick, commonly known as the deer tick.

 As part of our lawn care treatment program in Washington County, Maryland, our flea and tick treatments helps to rid your property of the unwanted ticks and fleas that bother you, your family, friends, cats, and dogs while enjoying the outdoors including your outdoor living space.

Ticks are most active from late spring to early fall here in Washington County, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Therefore you will want to be checking for ticks after gardening, picnicking, or just enjoying the outdoors on your property.

Why risk the chance of Lyme disease when you can take the proactive approach? We can help kill the ticks that gravitate towards your property with several tick treatments each season. The average tick pesticide treatment last approximately 4 weeks depending on the weather, and we highly recommend a professional to apply the pesticide tick treatments.

All tick pesticide treatments and lawn care service teatments are completed by a certified Maryland, West Virginia, and/or Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture licensed applicator.

Contact Tom now to schedule your tick treatments and lawn care services in Washington County, Maryland, and surrounding areas.

Did you know that Grosh’s Lawn Service offers property management services for our clients, both local and long distance, who own property in Washington County, Maryland?

Have you ever had a pipe leak while you were away or the toilet keeps running using thousands of gallons of water? How about when the electric goes out and there is no heat and the pipes freeze. Oh my! It happens every day and why would you want to gamble with your investment?

Be sure to visit our webpage: Grosh's Lawn Service Property Management. Then, contact Tom if you'd like assistance with your property management in Washington County, Maryland.
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