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Lawn Care Service Treatment Program

Grosh's Lawn Service Lawn Care Service Treatment Program Offers Health Care For Your Lawn

Early Spring Application

This application includes pre-emergent control for many grassy weeds, including the annoying crabgrass. The procedure is done prior to crabgrass germination and creates a barrier in the turf, prohibiting this eyesore from entering your lawn so it never gets to take hold. The pre-emergent weed control is blended with a premium dry granular fertilizer, so your grass grows better while the weeds die.

Spring Application

In this application, we blanket your entire lawn with a selective herbicide to provide broadleaf weed control for hundreds of annoying weeds. If present, dandelions and other broadleaf weeds will wilt and die shortly after the treatment, leaving your grass looking smooth, lush and pristine.

Early Summer Application

This treatment consists of a premium dry granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen, which provides steady food for your lawn so it stays thick and green. Broadleaf weed control is also applied as necessary, to take care of any remaining broadleaf weeds that may have emerged in your grass.

Late Summer Application

As with the early summer treatment, we apply slow release nitrogen for maximum feed and a lush, luxurious lawn. If broadleaf weeds are present, we will spray them dead. Flea and Tick Treatment to help stop and kille the Blacklegged Tick that spreads Lyme Disease here in the Washington County Maryland area.

Fall Application

This application is probably the most beneficial for your lawn. While your lawn is preparing for winter by storing food and nutrients in its root system, it is important to feed it what it wants. This promotes the health of the grass plants, and ensures they will be ready to grow lush and green early next spring.

Contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your lawn care treatment program for the health of your lawn.

Soil Test

Grosh's Lawn Service, The MD Dept. of Agriculture. The WV Dept. of Agriculture, The PA Dept. of Agriculture and The University of Maryland Extension recommends that a soil sample be taken to see what the soil is lacking and to be able to provide the proper nutrients to the lawn. A basic Soil Test will tell you some important things about your soil that you cannot determine just by looking at it, smelling it, and feeling! And, it can save you money- less fertilizer used based on soil test results, and increased fertilizer efficiency by getting soil pH in the correct range.

Soil pH is one of the most important measurements. It plays a big role in the availability of nutrients to plant roots, nutrient run-off and leaching and microbial efficiency.

Insect & Disease Control

If an insect or disease appears in your lawn, we will notify you of the problem and rectify it. While lawns in the Hagerstown area are susceptible to certain insects and diseases, they are usually only treated on an as needed basis. Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your lawn care treatment program for the health of your lawn.

Ticks - Lyme Disease

Local Lawn Mowing Service and Landscaping Contractor Grosh's Lawn Service Offers Tick Pesticide Treatments to help stop the spread of Lyme Disease from the Blacklegged Tick in our local community here in Hagerstown MD.

 As part of our lawn care treatment program here in Washington County Maryland our Flea and Tick treatment helps to rid your property of the unwanted ticks and fleas that bother you, your spouse, family, cats and dogs while enjoying the outdoors and your outdoor living space.

Why risk the chance of Lyme Disease when you can take the proactive approach. Lyme Disease is transmitted by the Blacklegged Tick here in the eastern United States (Source: We can help kill the ticks the gravitate towards your property with several tick treatments each season. The average tick pesticide treatment last approximately 4 weeks depending on the weather and we highly recommend a professional to apply the pesticide tick treatments.

Ticks are most active from late spring to early fall here in Washington County Maryland so you want to be checking for ticks while gardening, playing and enjoying the outdoors, etc.

All Tick Pesticide Treatments and Lawn Care Service Treatments are completed by a Maryland, WV, PA Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator.

Contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your tick treatments and lawn care services here in the Hagerstown MD area and Washington County Maryland.

Grub Control

White Grubs are the most common problem encountered in lawns in our area, and can easily be treated with an insecticide. The following are good indicators that you have a grub problem:

1. The presence of moles looking for food (they cause small bumps in long lines through the grass). Moles also eat earthworms so we can check to make sure.

2. Japanese and May/June Beetle damage to tree and shrub leaves in summer and early fall (they are the adult form of grubs and like to eat foliage close to home).

3. Are you finding small holes in your lawn? This may be a strong indication that skunks, racoons, birds, moles and voles and opossums are tearing up the lawn to retrieve grubs that are actively growing in your lawn. Please Note: The animals noted above also eat earthworms but damage may not be as severe.

4. Is the grass dying in sections of the lawn and when you pull up the grass the grass starts to roll back.?

Contact Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your Grub Control Services.

All Lawn Care Service Treatments are completed by a Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Licensed Applicator. Price is per application. The price quoted is based on our 5-part Lawn Care Treatment Program / Health Care For Your Lawn so that your lawn receives the proper care and attention all season long. If the client does not maintain the lawn in a reasonable manner or as suggested in the instructions which are provided following each application then you should not or expect the quality results we guarantee.

Contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service now by e-mail to schedule your lawn care treatment program for the health of your lawn.

Lawn Care Treatment Service Area:

Washington County, Maryland
Big Pool MD 21711 
Boonsboro MD 21713
Clear Spring MD 21722
Fairplay MD 21733
Hagerstown MD 21740
Hagerstown MD 21742
Keedysville MD 21756
Maugansville MD 21767

Sharpsburg MD 21782
Williamsport MD 21795
Cavetown MD 21720
Chewsville MD 21721
Funkstown MD 21734
Hagerstown MD 21746
Hagerstown MD 21741
Hagerstown MD 21747
Hagerstown MD 21748
Hagerstown MD 21749

Hagerstown MD 21781
Saint James MD 21740
Maugans Meadows 21740
Paradise Manor 21742
Westfields 21740
Claggett's Mill 21740
Collegiate Acres 21740
Fairway Meadows 21742
Greencastle PA 17225
Falling Waters WV 25419
Franklin County PA


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