Moles Lawn Care Service Boonsboro MD

Moles and Voles Oh My! Is your lawn being invaded by moles and voles here in the Boonsboro MD area? Thank you for contacting Grosh’s Lawn Service in regards to having moles and voles in your lawn. Moles and voles are attracted to the grubs in the lawn and flowers beds.
If you get rid of the grubs you lessen the food source for the moles, voles, skunks, opossum, racoons and birds that feed on grubs. Moles also feed on earthworms that are in the lawn and landscape beds. If your property is located next to woods environment moles will be an ongoing issue as they travel from the surrounding environment. With no grubs after a grub preventer this should lesson the mole activity. We also use a Grub Preventer on our lawn as our lawn has farm fields and forest on the sides of it.. It does help. We can treat for grubs in late May and early June with a grub preventer. We also recommend a lawn care treatment program to care for the health of the lawn all season long. Would you be interested in a lawn care treatment program to care for the health of your lawn all season long from Grosh’s Lawn Service? Do not delay and contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service today at Grosh's Lawn Service has been faithfully serving the Boonsboro MD area, Washington County Maryland and the tri-state area since 1990 with The Best 5 Star A+ Customer Service.

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