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Lawn Service Lawn Care Treatment Program 

There is still time to schedule your lawn care treatment program with Grosh's Lawn Service here in Hagerstown MD to help control the crabgrass this spring! 

In just a few short weeks in late April and early May when it warms up the Dandelions will be up along with other broadleaf weeds here in the Hagerstown MD area. Hairy Fleabane and Hairy Bittercress (pictured below) are also broadleaf weeds we will be actively killing this year. Do you have the proper equipment, safety PPP and spray to kill Hairy Fleabane and Hairy Bittercress?

The health and appearance of your lawn is important to us here at Grosh's Lawn Service and we will treat your lawn as we do our own lawn here in Washington County Maryland and the tri-state area

Why hassle with trying to do your own lawn care treatments when we can give your lawn the best care here at Grosh's Lawn Service. 

Contact Karen and Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service today at to schedule your lawn care treatment program and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, thick and green lawn in 2021.


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