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Grosh's Lawn Service Tip of the Week # 357 for February 14, 2021 

There are only 45 days till April 1st  and only 36 working days till the start of lawn mowing season here in the Hagerstown MD area and Washington County Maryland. Ideally the mower, string trimmer and blower would already to at the dealer getting serviced now.

Today is the day to schedule your lawn mower maintenance with your local lawn equipment repair dealer. Will your string trimmer start? Will the blower start and run? Did you put an additive in the gas to keep the ethanol from destroying the carburetors in the mower, string trimmer and blower?

You may not get your lawn equipment back for the start of lawn mowing season on April 1st.

If you would rather not hassle with the expense and hassle of getting all the lawn equipment hauled to the dealer, serviced and hauled back and would rather have Grosh's Lawn Service mow for you in 2021 contact Karen and Tom Grosh today at and see how much nicer it is to have your lawn mowed by Grosh's Lawn Service.

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